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    It's BBQ season! 
We have everything you need for the perfect BBQs this summer






Want to know how our products work?  Take a look at some of our videos

shown below for tutorials on our toastabags, quickachips and quickasteam. 

 toastabags gold slideshow

toastabags - cooking liner - cooking bags - slow cooker liners - quickachips - oven crisper mesh - baking - BBQ - fat controllers - microwave - oven - kitchen - home & garden - expert ranges - multi packs and sets and our BRAND NEW eco friendly range 



We are the manufacturers and inventors of toastabags®, the quick and easy way to make a toasted sandwich in your toaster. We manufacturer them together with many of our other products such as our quickasteam microwave steam bags in our factory in Malvern, supporting UK jobs and ensuring quality manufactured goods.
All our products are EU & FDA food safety standard approved & are BPA and PFOA approved.