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Student Survival Pack

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Your essential kit to help survive cooking at University

  • quickachips black 33cm - cooks perfect crispy oven chips without the need for turning.  Also great for garlic bread, pastries, pies, breaded chicken and more
  • quickasteam - 30 medium size bags, perfect for 2-4 servings.  Makes cooking veg easy and healthy
  • pizzamesh black 32cm - cooks pizza's perfectly - no soggy bottoms!
  • oven shelfguard 2 pk - protect yourshelf from nasty burns from hot oven shelves
  • toastabags - 100 use twin pack. Make perfect toasted sandwiches in your toaster  - no mess, no fuss.
  • PLUS: A fantastic specially designed recipe booklet which includes, chicken jalfrezi for you quickasteam bags, toasted sandwich recipes and how to cook a full day's worth of meals using just a toastabag.

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