BBQ Expert Pack - Marinade & Grill

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Ideal as a gift for someone else or yourself!

Makes cooking on the BBQ simpler and cleaner

1 x Grill Mat 40x45cm
Non-stick and reusable. Sits on the grill, prevents food falling through.  Still retains all the BBQ grill marks and delicious flavour.  Added benefit of keeping grill rack clean. Easy clean, dishwasher safe.

1 x hotplate liner black 40 x 50cm
Non-stick and reusable. Keeps hotplate clean. Easy clean, dishwasher safe.

10 x large BBQ bags 24 x 35cm
Ideal for marinaded meat, fish, potatoes and more. Retains moisture and prevents food from drying out.

10 x standard BBQ bags 19 x 30cm

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