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‘I will advertise these for you at my allotment and local gardening club cause they are fantastic! We have only one tap in a very large area of allotments and it is a very very long walk to the tap - and this is the best way to carry water that anyone has seen’
Diane from Dumfermline


 Bag does what it says it will Excellent’
John from Kent


‘fantastic for my allotment! My water source is a trough, a fair way from my plot, and this has been a real boon - small piece of hose to use as a syphon, set my alarm for 20 mins and carry over when the alarm goes off - it has taken a little while to find the optimum positioning of the bag/hose mechanism, but when I get a proper syphon for the water butt I will be completely water sorted!’
Anna from Buckinghamshire


great product’
Carolyn from Fife


Brilliant idea, perfect for carrying vast amounts of water to thirsty horses! Horses drink water, water is heavy and the buckets are not the nicest things to carry as they cut into hands and are awkward. Even putting buckets in back of jeep and driving down the field still results in having to lift them in and out and water spilt inside car etc. So this is the solution....and a brilliantly simple, yet clever one. For the price is a bargain and they seem to last a while too
Stephen Powell


I bought this for my son and daughter-in-law to use at their allotment where there is no tap. They do not yet have a rainwater barrel and have to fetch water by watering can from the communal trough which is some distance away. This simple but ingenious product has saved them countless hours and countless trips to obtain water. They are so thrilled and enthusiastic about the organic produce they've cropped by their first attempt and it's down to this great product which does all that it claims. Without it this hot weather, their enthusiasm might have worn thin. They have had to overcome lack of funds, sparce equipment, an overgrown weedy neglected plot and as they both work, very little time. This has saved the day. Using the communal wheelbarrow to carry it, one trip is all it takes and they have enough water for all they've managed to cultivate so far. A quick trip every evening after work keeps everything alive until they have a few hours at the weekend. A word of caution, not a criticism, unless you are strong do not fill it completely. I could not even lift the barrow when it wasn't full. I can thoroughly recommend the H2GO.
C. Freedland